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The first step in setting up an Amazon FBA business is to decide what products you want to sell. To choose the right products, you should do your research and check out best-selling items on Amazon. These are products that are popular, trending, and profitable. Popular categories include Electronic Accessories & Gadgets, Clothing & Accessories, and Home & Kitchen. You can also see how much competition there is for a particular product category by looking at the Amazon best seller ranking.

A high BSR means that a product is in demand. It is also good for you if there are only a few competitors in a certain niche. You do not want to sell a product that has a lot of competition, especially if you do not have enough resources to compete with them. It would be better to focus your Amazon marketing efforts on products where there aren’t many competitors.

In addition to choosing the right product, you should also consider the type of packaging. If you choose the commingled option, your product will be mixed with similar items from other sellers. This method is also known as “stickerless commingled inventory” and is good if you do not want to print stickers for your products.

Before you start selling, you must decide on a category. Amazon allows two types of sellers: individual and professional. Professional sellers usually sell private-label products or wholesale products. Both types of sellers are required to pay sales taxes. Amazon Seller Central helps both types of sellers list products, market their products, and automate back-office processes.

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