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To start with, FBA Wizard Pro is cited as inarguable best and the most complete Amazon FBA along with the Private Label Souring software that is existing. FBA Wizard Pro is designed in a way to help you in searching for the mist profitable product to sell on the EBay and Amazon portals by seamlessly going over five hundred plus wholesale and the different retail websites available online. Here comes FBA Wizard Pro Review with its details on features, Pricing and FBA Wizard Pro Discount Code and more.

FBA Wizard Pro Review : Introduction

Let’s know about the FBA Wizard Pro in a little more details with FBA Wizard Pro Review. This is software that will assist you in easily finding the most favored products to sell and make profits on the Amazon and EBay portal. The lists of the products vary largely and differ from the different domains these ecommerce sites have divided the areas into starting from wholesale websites to provide labels and lastly the online arbitrage.

Currently playing in and around the regions Canada, United States of America and the European countries, they are constantly adding more and more retailer websites and features and areas across nations, continents and major cities. One can even choose to setup his or her very own Virtual Assistant (VA) that would be doing the product sales scans and analysis of your products with a specific add on element.

FBA Wizard Pro Review

Types of Searches with the FBA Wizard Pro

With the FBA Wizard Pro there are various types of different scans that you can perform.

Amazon Scan

Serving exactly what it should primarily, this is the place where you can put in a search for any specific retailer like the Tesco or the Wal-Mart to scan for the products that match your requirements. With over a strong 700 retailers to select from, you would automatically be guided to the lesser know retailers for better deals off the products because there would be much lesser competition.

Private Label Research

Of recently, a lot of sellers are moving to this category of Private Label selling. Well this is where you would be getting your very own label manufactured in China and sell later on the Amazon site. But before anything else you will need FBA Wizard Pro that will be filtering out the list of products that you would be creating labels for. This private label scan has much similar features and functionality as that of the Jungle Scout.

Euro Scan

An absolute benefit of the UK sellers, you can scan through Amazon UK for any deals to buy and then sell it again across the different European countries ranging from Germany, France, Spain and Italy for a well margined profit. Enough profits of made through this process which is known as the euro flip which offers a humongous benefit over Tactical Arbitrage. As per the recent updates, they have also included a similar feature for these flipping deals for the Canadian retailers onto Amazon US.

Merchant Scan

This is the place where you can buy items from the Amazon Marketplace and then generate profit from Amazon FBA. This works because the FBA products generally get the buy box against the cheaper FBM items to create the margin. These are generally known to the Amazon sellers as ‘Amazon to Amazon flips’.

Reverse Scan

Another favorite of all the scans on the list, FBA Wizard Pro uses Reverse Scan to search though all the products among the retailers where there is a profit once you select the category instead of scanning a very specific range of retailers. You can presumably run a successful business with profits with this single feature alone.

Should you get FBA Wizard Pro?

Yes is the answer from this FBA Wizard Pro Review. Because it is truly the all rounder sourcing software presently that can pretty much handle everything that jungle Scout and IO scout can do with much more additional features like euro flips and wholesaler scans. Instead of buying multiple varying tools that do all parts of the job why not find the one that does them all? With reasonable monthly subscription plans and even a 10 day free trial you can have the tool tested for absolutely zero risk.

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FBA Wizard Pro Review Conclusion

So finally after FBA Wizard Pro Review, We thoroughly believe you can make a much more business and build a full time income with this software with all the different options available to choose from. So buy the plans uisng the FBA Wizard Pro Discount Code available which helps you make max savings.


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